Bernie Sanders won his fourth and final term as Mayor of Burlington with 55 percent of the vote in a race against Democrat Paul Lafayette.

“I intend to seek the nomination and will be asking for the support of the progressive coalition for a fourth time,” stated Mayor Sanders. “Like every other city in America, especially with the Federal cutbacks, we have our share of problems. In almost every area, we have been successful in making (the) Burlington City government more responsive to the needs of the people and opening up the political process to all the people. We have accomplished much, but much remains to be done.”[1]

The progressive coalition unanimously nominated Sanders. He indicated that it could be the progressive party’s most challenging Mayoral race since their first victory in 1981. He said, “It appears that the Democrats and Republicans are finally wising up and understanding that they may as well get rid of the myth that there is a difference between the two parties and will be rallying around one candidate.”[2]

In his acceptance speech for the nomination, Bernie said, “What we are doing in the City of Burlington is unique in the United States of America – to take on the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the big money interests in our community and (we) have built an independent progressive movement which is fighting as hard as it can for peace and social justice.”[2]

Mayor Sanders listed his administration’s achievements in over five years in office: protecting the financial interests of the poor and working class without raising property taxes, creating hundreds of new jobs, revitalizing the Old North End, and rebuilding the city streets and waterfront.