Mayor Bernie Sanders joined 150 Vermonters in a caravan to Washington D.C. where they joined the march against U.S. policies in Central America and the Caribbean following the U.S. invasion of Grenada. The U.S. Invasion of Central America and the Caribbean ignited protests from over two hundred organizations nationwide who joined the march, including several religious groups.

Bernie said he regarded “the invasion of countries as an immoral and illegal act, whether by this nation or any other nation.” He added, “As a mayor who has to deal every day with the financial problems of a city and the terrible poverty we see, I feel that it is an absurd depravity that millions of dollars are being spent on intervention when there is no money for housing, health care or increased social security benefits (in our own country).”[1]

The group had three demands: to end all CIA operations in Central America and the Caribbean; to promote respect for the national sovereignty and peaceful cooperation between the U.S. and countries in that region: and to redirect resources that are being used in destruction in this area into human, social needs programs in the U.S.[1]